/mchod par brjod pa/ rdul bral ye shes spyan ras kyis/ shel gong phyag thil gzhag pa bzhin/ /ji ltar ji snyed kun mkhyen pa’i/ /’gro ba’i bla ma de la ’dud/ /shis par brjod pa/ tshogs gnyis mthar phyin rdzogs sangs kyis/ /legs gsung lung dang rtogs pa’i chos/ /ma lus thugs su chud gyur pa’i/ /dge ’dun bcas kyi shis par brjod/ /spyod ldan mkhas pa’i spyan snga ru/ /bdag lta byis pa’i blo nus kyis/ /’khor ’das rnam bzhag shes min phyir/ /bri bar byed pa ’os min kyang/ /rgya gar rum yul nas byon pa’i/ /*sken dhar bhig gis nan bskyed nas/ /bskul pyhir chab chob blab rlob gyi/ /bstan bcos blo mi bde ’di bkod/

/spyir chos thams cad ’khor ’das gnyis su ’dus shing/ de gnyis kyi

(p. 3) [Salutation:] Oh, master of the living beings, who recognize the reality of all things with your eyes of flawless wisdom devoid of every mist, as in a crystal sphere held in the middle of the palm: I prostrate before you!

[Blessing:] I say blessing together with the community that realizes the two kinds of accumulation, 1 understands the  proper teaching of the illuminated, and completely encloses in their heart the dharma 2 understood by means of long experience. Although the writings of childish intellects like me who do not understand the order of sansara, 3 might be regarded as useless by the wise, nevertheless on request of Sken dhar bhig 4 from India-Europe I have composed this confused treatise that does not exhilarate the spirit.

[Here begins the text of the Cosmology:]
Generally speaking, every thing belongs to the duality of nirvana 5 and sansara.