rtsa ba rang bzhin stong pa nyid rtogs ma rtogs dbang gis byas tshul thar pa rin po che’i dbur gsal bar yod pa’i der ltos/ [I.] de yang skabs su bab pa dri ba dngos la/ (1.) dang po ’jig rten chags tshul/ (2.) bar du gnas tshul/ (3.) mtha’ mar ’jig tshul dris pa’i lan ni/ (1.) dang po ’jig rten mngon par grub pa’i rgyu ’byung ba chen po bzhi’o/ /de yang yod cing ’byung bas na/ /’byung ba/ sa sra ba/ chu gsher ba/ me dro ba/ rlung g.yo ba’o/ /de dag gi shin tu phra ba’i mthar thug pa ni phra rab kyi rdul te/ gzhig tu med pa’i phyir cha med pa nyid do/ /de bdun la rdul phran nas/ lcags rdul/ chu rdul/ ri bong rdul/ lug rdul/ glang rdul/ nyi zer gyi rdul/ sro ma; shig ; nas gyi bar bdun re phar ba’o/ /de dag ’dus pa las/ ’jig rten grub bo/ /nas bdun la

(p. 4) The various ways of action that derive from understanding or not understanding the root of these two, the nature of emptiness, 1 are clearly exposed at the beginning of the treatise “Wedge of Liberation”, therefore see them  there.

Furthermore, the answers to the questions respecting the origins, existence and final destruction of the world are as follows. First, the reason of the rise of the world are the four main elements, stable earth, humid water, warm fire, and moving air. These are composed by very small ultimate constituents called “atoms” that are indestructible and indivisible. Seven atoms make a “small particle”, seven of this an “iron particle”, seven of this a “water particle”, seven of this a “rabbit particle”, seven of this a “sheep particle”, seven of this a “cow particle”, seven of this a “sun ray particle”, seven of this a “nit”, seven of this a “louse”, seven of this a “barley”: they always increase by seven. These particles sticking together constitute the world. Seven “barley particles” are one “finger”;